O r g a n i c w i n e s t h a t e m b o d y t h e t r u e v a l u e s o f o u r v i n e y a r d s , t h e h u m b l e w o r k a n d f a i t h o f t h e w i n e m a k e r a n d g r a p e g r o w e r .

Experience the unrepeatable moments in the unique premises of our winery.

Choose from our wine tasting menu and we will prepare an experience for all your senses.

We would be glad to prepare a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your family during your family events.

We will provide you with a unique atmosphere, regional cuisine combined with our wines.

Would you like to engage your work duties and free time activities?

We will prepare a corporate event, training or presentation for you, your colleagues or partners according to your request.


W e l c o m e !

K a s n y i k f a m i l y w i n e r y

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Our small family cellar is located in the warmest and sunniest area of the southern part of Slovakia, in the village of Strekov.

The path we have chosen focuses on natural conditions, grape growing and winemaking process based on traditional methods

Currently, we have been managing nine hectares of vineyards in ecological mode. In addition to searching for real values and with the help of the whole family, we have been building these values step by step.



Infinity cuvée 2021

Tmavý nepriehľadný rubínová farba, elegantná plnšia vôňa, s dominanciou tmavého ovocia,, korenia a minerálov. Plná šťavnatá chuť, svieža kyselinka.


Bohemian Dog Schiller 2021

Pomenovaním Schiller dáva najavo, že sa nejedná o bežné rosé.

Víno má číru, tehlovú farbu, vôňa je plná zrelého červeného ovocia s dominanciou jahôd, malín a ríbezlí. V chuti svieže a šťavnaté.


Chardonnay brut sekt 2020

Sekt vyrobený tradičnou metódou druhotného kvasenia vo fľaši a následným vyzrievaním bez pridania cukru a dozaže.


O u r w i n e r y

We farm nine hectares of vineyards. Our vineyards are hidden among the Strekov hills, in the center of the Strekov wine-growing region. We produce wines according to the Autentist Charter, with strict harvest reduction and spontaneous fermentation – mainly in wooden barrels. We exclude the use of any foreign substances, such as yeast, enzymes and various preparations, which, although they make the winemaker’s life easier, but on the other hand, they introduce the foreign tones into the wine and distort the true character of the Strekov terroir.


We have been working on our family orchard and cellar since our childhood. The idea of preparing our own wine and bottling matured in 2004-2005.

We chose a path that focused on natural conditions, environmentally friendly grape cultivation and wine production based on traditional methods.

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